Leopold Socha
Leopold Socha
Date of Birth:August 28, 1909
Place of Birth:Lvov, Poland
Interview Date:n/a
Residence:Lvov, Poland
Occupation:Sewer Worker

Leopold Socha was a petty criminal and a sewer worker in Lvov, Poland, when he discovered a group of Jews hiding in the rat-infested tunnels of the sewer, in the summer of 1943. Among them was Halina Wind (Preston). They had fled there as the Nazis murdered the last Jews of the Lvov ghetto. Socha knew that helping the Jews was punishable by death and that if he betrayed the victims' whereabouts the Nazis would reward him. the Jews spent 14 months in the sewer and Socha brought them food every day. Although the Jews did pay him, the amount did not even cover the cost of providing food and clothing. He also brought them a Jewish prayer book and Sabbath candle sticks from the remnants of the destroyed Jewish community of Lvov.

Leopold appears in No Denying: Disc 4

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