Halina Wind Preston Holocaust Education Committee (HWPHEC)

In May 1978, two Holocaust Survivors, Dorothy Finger and Halina Wind Preston had a vision. Both Polish Jews who survived the Nazi Holocaust, met in Wilmington, Delaware and became lifelong friends. Their vision was to create an organization comprising of other local Holocaust survivors who were willing to share experiences about the Holocaust with the Delaware community. Their mission: to educate current and future generations about the true causes and events of the Holocaust, with the hope that future acts of genocide might be prevented. In 1982, upon Preston's death, the Halina Wind Preston Holocaust Education Committee was named in her memory, several years later the Halina Wind Preston Holocaust Education Center emerged.

The HWPHEC has grown into an interfaith volunteer group comprised of Holocaust survivors and their families, Holocaust scholars, teachers, clergy, community advocates and community leaders. The Committee has made great strides in raising awareness about the Holocaust and genocide.

Our accomplishments to date have been plentiful. We created the first of its kind, Garden of the Righteous Gentiles, in the nation, planned and implemented an annual Yom Ha'Shoah (Day of Remembrance) events in Wilmington, DE, dedicated a Holocaust Children's Memorial, an annual workshop for teacher's who would like to teach the lessons of the Holocaust, formed a Speaker's Bureau, started a Holocaust Resource Center at the Brandywine Hundred Library, in Wilmington, DE, sponsored the Halina Wind Preston Memorial Lecture, Kerr Book Fund and provided the inspiration and support for the "No Denying: Delawareans Bear Witness to the Holocaust" documentary.

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