As a documentary film maker, Mr. Gonzer created, directed and produced No Denying: Delawareans Bear Witness to the Holocaust, an eight hour and fifteen minute documentary which includes a forty two page user guide. No Denying has been screened at the Rehoboth Film Festival, Newark Film Festival, Theatre N and many local area high schools, churches and community organizations. Mr. Gonzer was a featured speaker at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference, invited guest speaker at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, University of Illinois, and The University of Delaware, Jewish Studies Program, and featured speaker at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Conference, Philadelphia. He served on a panel of judges for Wilmington University's "48 Hour Film Fest." A copy of the No Denying DVD set is housed at several museums throughout the country, including, The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC, Jewish Heritage Museum and YIVO Institute for Jewish Studies, in New York. Copies are also housed in all Delaware public middle and high school libraries, private and Parochial schools and public libraries.

Steve Gonzer attained a degree in history from the University of Delaware. He worked as an education and training specialist in the Christina, Red Clay and New Castle County Vocational Technical School Districts, where he developed and implemented alternative education and skills training programs, for at-risk youth and economically disadvantaged adults. Mr. Gonzer was recognized by former Governor of the State of Delaware, Michael Castle, for his outstanding service in developing skills training and employment opportunities for the citizens of Delaware, in 1991. Mr. Gonzer received "Educator of The Year Award" in 1994, from the Delaware Association of Adult and Community Education.

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