About No Denying

The Holocaust may yet prove to be the most studied genocide in history. The Holocaust offers an unrivaled opportunity -frame of reference- from which we can learn about the darkest side of human nature and the consequence of silence, indifference and extremism.

No Denying emerged from the wellsprings of passion and determination, to honor victims of genocide and to condemn it's collaborators. This documentary is not an attempt to monopolize genocide in favor of any particular group. It is merely one means of preserving for the record, historical events -described by eyewitnesses- from which we can learn to cultivate goodness in human nature and diminish evil.

It is human nature to reflect upon personal experiences to garner ardor and inspiration in life. Had it not been for the brutal murder, during the Holocaust, of my own family members, I might never have heard about genocide. Though I am still haunted by visions of the Holocaust, I embrace empathy for all victims of genocide.

The uniqueness of the Holocaust is simply a matter of fate. The lessons we must learn from it are obligatory. We must be unyielding in our attempt to raise awareness about the causes, symptoms and cures of genocide and allay the voices of those who continue to deny history.

Best Always,
Steve Gonzer

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